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When you shop Simply Nutrition you find everything you need, and if you don’t, they’ll find it and bring it in for you.  Inside our store, you’ll find a wide selection of health foods, on the go snacks and some better-for-you treats.  A comprehensive selection of dietary health supplements, from the basics to the innovative and cutting edge niche supplements you’re just now hearing about.  As well as a wide selection of personal care and beauty items.

Both Shannan and Jason believed the community of Lincoln, CA would benefit from a place the community could trust to provide service, knowledge and a wide selection of only the highest quality products at affordable prices. Their mission to serve the community is reinforced daily by their commitment to share deep knowledge of health and the products they sell during their everyday interactions with customers and by the caliber of people they bring in for consumer lectures led by highly credibly knowledge experts in their fields. They treat every customer with compassion, listen to their needs and guide them to possible solutions or sometimes they just help them find delicious and nutrition snacks! 

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Simply Nutrition offers a vast selection of products including: Vitamins, herbs, protein, probiotics, enzymes, CBD, fiber, greens, homeopathy, essential oils, personal body care, make-up, Hydro Flasks, gluten-free snacks, and so much more. Simply Nutrition also strives to stay up on trends in the wellness market by finding new and unique products that will keep you coming back and excited to try new things.

If you don’t find what you are looking for in our online store, please pick up the phone (916-253-9276) and give us a call. We are more than happy to see if we have what you are looking for in our store and can easily add extra items to your order before it ships.

Orders are typically placed online and we can also take any orders over the phone if it is more convenient for you.
* Order online and local pickup is always FREE.
* Local delivery is FREE with $40 minimum purchase.
* FREE shipping anywhere in the US with a $100 minimum purchase.

Meeting customer’s needs and wants has always been the focus of Simply Nutrition. Our mission is “Keeping Good Health Simple.” We help to keep your shopping experience simple and help you navigate the multitude of product options with ease and personalization. Not only do we provide high-quality products at competitive prices, but we also want our customers to have a wonderful experience every time they visit.

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Everyday low prices that include 20% off supplements and body care items.
Selections shown are some of our more popular items and for access to our entire store selection give us a call at (916-253-9276).

Our online store is robust but there are still many items that haven’t made it online here yet 😀

Check back shortly, we will have added more products…

Shop our online offers and give us a call if you don’t find what you are looking for!
Most likely we have it in the store and can add it to your order.

Simply Basics

Our Simply Basics Page offers products that our customers use every day to improve their health and wellness. We offer a wide selection of staple (and hard to live without) items.

Simply Beauty

Our Simply Beauty Page offers products that are designed to help support hair, skin and nails. You will find a great selection of supplments, creams, collagen and essential oils.

Simply CBD

Our Simply CBD Page offers CBD products in the form of Gummies, Oils, Softgels and more. We have a wide variety and are bringing in more all the time.

Simply Delicious

Our Simply Delicious Page offers some of the healthies and best tasting foods you can find. Not sure if you love Vegan Rob’s like we do and you can find more than a few options here.

Simply Gummies

Our Simply Gummies Page offers some of our best selling gummy products. We have options that will support better sleep, a stronger immune system, prenatal support and more.

Simply Hot

Our Simply Hot Page offers our best selling and most popular items. We keep this page updated with products people are loving right now! Pick up a Hydroflask, Aroma locket or Fire Brew!

Simply Hydro Flask

Our Simply Hydro Flask Page offers some really awesome Hydro Flasks and Hydro Flask accessories. These are the latest and most popular designs.

Simply Immune

Our Simply Immune Page offers some amazing immune boosting products that will help you stay strong and healthy all year long.

Simply Kids

Our Simply Kids Page offers the very best products to support your child’s health, wellness and vitality. Choose from a wide variety of healthy options. 

Simply New

Our Simply New Page offers our newest and most cutting edge items. We are always on the lookout for the latest and best options to help our customers with their health and wellness needs.

Simply Seasonal

Our Simply Seasonal Page offers products to support your health and wellness all year long. Check here for the very best seasonal support items no matter the month.

Simply Social Promotions

Our Simply Social Promotions Page offers special deals we are promoting on our social media channels or via email.

Simply Steal

Our Simply Steals Page offers unbelievably low cost offers for some of our most popular items. They are a “steal of a deal” to say the least! Check out our wide selection, quality products and low prices.

Simply Unique

Our Simply Unique Page offers items you won’t find anywhere else. These are special finds that we have discovered and want to share with you! These are often limited time items so don’t miss out on some special deals.

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