Simple Swaps and Substitutions for Plant-Based Eating

Plant Based Food Swaps You Need to Know About

How many times before have you heard someone talk about the benefits of switching to a vegan/vegetarian/plant-based diet? Not only is it great for your mental and physical health, but it is also fantastic for our environment.

Most of us have heard this before, and while many people love eating plant-based, we know that it isn’t always possible or easy. Going 100% plant-based may not be an option for everyone but there are some benefits to making some swaps where you can. To help the transition, I wanted to focus on some simple steps you can take to start introducing more plant-based foods and meals into your diet.

Sometimes making changes is daunting, so this blog post is meant to act as a guide for some lifestyle changes, made EASY.


Milk is a staple in many meals, side dishes, a classic beverage choice, and an ingredient in almost everything we seem to eat.

Thankfully, there are many healthy swaps for your traditional cow’s milk. There is everything from; oat, soy, coconut, almond, rice, cashew, macadamia, and pea – You name it, there’s probably milk made from it.

Once you find one or two alternatives that you enjoy, find more ways to mix them into your diet. Most non-dairy milks are made with water which means they will lack the same amount of calcium found in dairy milk. To maintain your calcium intake, make sure to select plant-based milks that have been fortified with calcium, increase your leafy greens, or supplement with a well-absorbed plant-based calcium.

Meat is also another staple, some people eat meat every single day, even in several of their meals.

While meat does contain high levels of protein, there can also be many potential negative side effects to consuming large quantities of meat, especially red meat. Tempeh, tofu, and jackfruit are all great alternatives for meat, depending on the texture of what you’re looking for. Lentils, chickpeas, legumes, and potatoes are also great substitutes for meat. Tempeh and tofu both have high levels of protein and iron, which are found in meat and are essential for the body’s functions.  Whenever possible, make sure when choosing plant-based alternatives to choose Organic/NON-GMO options.

Eggs are eaten alone and used in cooking for a variety of American meals.

Not only are eggs very useful for cooking, but they give your body lots of protein as well. Surprisingly, tofu can be scrambled up in a similar fashion to eggs and it’s delicious with the right veggies! There is also a “Just Egg” plant-based liquid egg replacement and a “vegan egg powder” to be used for baking. Other replacements for eggs in baking include apple sauce, smashed bananas, chia seed, and flaxseed or you can try the Gluten Free Egg Replacer by Bob’s Red Mill.

Quick & Easy Plant Based Recipes

Five great plant-based breakfast ideas we love are:

  1. Steel cut oats with almonds, berries, and a plant-based milk
  2. Breakfast burrito with black beans, bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, potatoes, and avocados in a bowl, on a corn tortilla, or try the cauliflower thins by Plant Power
  3. Whole grain pancakes with applesauce and walnuts
  4. Fresh made juice with fruits and veggies of your choice
  5. Low Sugar plant-based yogurt with muesli and peach slices

Five great plant-based snack ideas we love are:

  1. Hummus with fresh vegetables such as carrots, cucumber slices, or bell peppers
  2. Homemade trail mix with unsalted nuts and dried fruit and/or dark chocolate chunks
  3. Fruit salad is a quick and light snack
  4. Raw fruit or veggies, preferably served as they are 
  5. Chickpea puffs satisfy the need for crunch 

Five great plant-based lunch ideas we love are:

  1. Make a hearty sandwich with whole wheat, gluten-free bread, or those delicious cauliflower sandwich thins, adding hummus or avocado mayonnaise and an assortment of your favorite veggies. We love to choose from things like hummus, cucumbers, sprouts, avocado, carrots, red cabbage, and tomatoes
  2. Power salad bowl with quinoa, beans, tahini, and whatever greens and veggies your heart desires
  3. Nut or seed butter on whole wheat or gluten-free bread/crackers, served with fresh fruit or vegetables 
  4. Cauliflower buffalo wings are tasty, easy, and satisfying! 
  5. Grilled portobello mushroom burgers are worth all the hype that they receive 

Five great plant-based dinner ideas we love are:

  1. Vegan chili is simple to make and almost everyone likes it, take your classic family recipe but just leave out the meat
  2. Mushroom and potato tacos are always a hit, and the meat isn’t even missed 
  3. Veggie stir-fry with noodles of your choice and a rich peanut sauce makes a fantastic meal for any amount of people
  4. Homemade vegan pizza can be enjoyed on a gluten-free or cauliflower crust and is a delicious and fun way for everyone to be involved with dinner time 
  5. Air fried tofu, with the right seasoning I hear it tastes an awful lot like chicken nuggets… I personally haven’t tried it yet but let me know if you have!

When it comes to eating plant-based, there are so many options nowadays, you really can’t go wrong.

Even committing yourself to eating plant-based one to three days out of the week is a huge accomplishment and a step towards a healthier you. Everyone needs different things and at the end of the day, eating plant-based may just not be for you…but who doesn’t like a good veggie stir fry or a hearty bowl of steel cut oats with nuts and berries!

No matter what, hopefully you learned something new or feel inspired to switch up a few of your meals this week! 

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