3 Secrets To Keeping Kids Healthy This Winter

How to support kids health and wellness.

It’s that time of year again and colder weather is often synonymous with colds and sniffles. With some children returning to school, some attending online, and others doing a hybrid model of both our children’s health, wellness, and stability, is a top priority.

Even without COVID, this is the time of year when people most often become sick. During the colder months of the year, it’s easier for germs and bacteria to spread quickly and take advantage of lowered immune function during times of stress and poor diets. To prevent this, we believe that one of the best ways to stay healthy is to start from within. 

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Lifestyle Habits That Can Support Kids Health

Food Choices and Nutritional Habits

What your children eat growing up sets the tone for how they will learn to relate to food and what they will feed themselves as adults. Therefore, it is important to provide your children with good nutritional education and a diet full of carrots, green beans, oranges, strawberries, and other healthy fruits and vegetables. These foods can give them a good boost of carotenoids which are immunity boosting phytonutrients essential to supporting the immune system. 

It is also important that they eat a well-balanced variety of foods. Vegetables, fruits, healthy fats, fiber, protein, and carbohydrates. Vitamin C is specifically beneficial to many aspects of overall wellness. Give them lots of citrus fruits, broccoli, bell peppers, tomatoes, and cantaloupe. The healthy eating habits your kids pick up now can help keep them strong and well their entire lives.

Physical Activity

Many pediatricians advise that kids get 30-60 minutes of physical movement with activities such as walking, biking, running around, and dancing daily. These are all great ways to keep your child active, happy, and entertained. When they are active, they can enjoy the benefits of an uplifted mood and a healthy relationship with physical activity.

Every child is going to enjoy different activities. It is important for them to work on their endurance, strength, and flexibility. Make sure to allow them the opportunity to try new things, get involved and see what they like doing. Maybe your kid loves ballet, or soccer, or gymnastics…maybe they love all three. It’s important for them to explore their options and find what suits them the best. 

There is even a kid’s yoga channel on YouTube that might be a fun way to introduce your kids to yoga and teach them at the same time!  An example is the video “6 Kids Yoga poses that begin with the letter S!” by Ruby Broom.

If there are other activities that you enjoy like hiking, biking, gardening, or martial arts find ways to include your kids. They will love the extra time with you, learn new skills, and maybe even end up loving the hobby just as much as you do!

High Quality Sleep

Another major aspect of a healthy life is the proper amount of sleep. Older babies and young children should have a consistent schedule for naps and bedtime to help their circadian rhythm. It is also important that your children start a “quiet time” 30 minutes before bed with no screens.

Read books together or tell bedtime stories but try and keep their eyes away from the blue light of a screen. As children get older, they should still try to follow some of these same habits. We all should put away our phones and turn off our TV’s at least 30 minutes before going to sleep at night. It’s not always possible, but important to preparing our minds for restorative sleep.

So stay warm, stay healthy, and do what you can to enjoy the rest of the year (and beyond). 

Don’t forget that a well-balanced diet, an active lifestyle, and the proper amount of sleep will provide a healthy foundation and support your family with whatever comes your way. If we can focus on a daily routine and good lifestyle habits this will help to keep you and your kids healthier, longer. 

Please reach out if you have any questions about kids’ health we can help you with.

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